IATI reporting on Hurricane Matthew

From the IATI Secretariat:

Are you an IATI publisher responding to Hurricane Matthew? You can use IATI’s new humanitarian features in version 2.02 of the IATI Standard to tag your spending and activities. Reporting your activities For each activity that relates to any humanitarian response to Hurricane Matthew, you should include the following IATI Standard elements: Add the Humanitarian marker Add the humanitarian attribute to the element to indicate that the activity relates to a humanitarian response or intervention: Contributing to the UN Flash Appeal?

Source: IATI reporting on Hurricane Matthew


New ‘What is IATI’? video launched

Are you passionate about transparency and open data? Do you want developing country governments to have better data on resources coming into their countries? Do you want civil society to have the information they need to hold development actors to account?

Source: New ‘What is IATI’? video launched

Can we find out in IATI who is responding to ‘Matthew’?

At the end of IODC16, Roderick Besseling of Cordaid asked me a simple question: hurricane Matthew has hit Haiti, with well over 800 casualties reported already. Can we see in the IATI data which humanitarian responses have been started? Can we make that data available on HDX, the Humanitarian Data Exchange?

Source: Can we find out in IATI who is responding to ‘Matthew’?

IATI at the Accountability Hack

Yesterday I attended the first Accountability Hack in The Netherlands, at the Court of Audit in The Hague. With a bit more than a week to go before the official publication of the government budget of 2017 (already leaked to the press the day before the #AccHack), and an election year coming up, it’s a great time to have a go at using the government’s open data to see if we can find out how the money is actually spent.

Source: IATI at the Accountability Hack