Authorea online editor with simpler article submission

Since my first adventures in providing an online authoring environment with peer review and discussion support (around 1997~2002), and some work with Aldo de Moor on conceptualising a process model, I’m interested in what others do.

Authorea ticks some boxes: clean interface, options for text markup (Markdown, HTML, Latex), and especially: borrowing from git and Github for version control and collaboration patterns, plus:

Authorea, the leading online editor for writing and publishing research documents, is integrating eLife into its submission system to give authors more options for direct submission to journals.

I’d be curious to see continuous integration or automated testing incorporated: does the article meet the requirements of the journal (number of words, format, metadata, references, …)? Articles as pull requests into a journal repository 🙂

Source: eLife and Authorea Partner to Simplify Submission For Authors | Authorea