‘Kankermedicijn van ton naar 2000 euro als we loskomen van farmaceuten’

De kosten van kankermedicijnen kunnen tot 50 keer goedkoper worden, als de medische wereld zich losweekt van de farmaceutische industrie, zeggen kankerexperts.

Er zijn voor de Tweede Kamerverkiezingen enkele partijen die daarover iets in hun programma hebben staan. De Piratenpartij heeft als enige een duidelijke visie op hervorming van patenten in het algemeen en in de gezondheidszorg in het bijzonder.

Source: ‘Kankermedicijn van ton naar 2000 euro als we loskomen van farmaceuten’ | NOS


How easy is it to securely leak information to some of America’s top news organizations?

Good to spread the manual… leaking is pretty much a “standardised process” by now:

One quick download and a codename: If I can use SecureDrop, you can do it too.

Source: How easy is it to securely leak information to some of America’s top news organizations? This easy » Nieman Journalism Lab

They link to a video explaining the same thing:

Who votes for open data? – Open State Foundation

Nice overview of how parties in Parliament voted around open data and freedom of information.

Open State EU: voting on open data by party

Open State left it to the reader to “do the math” to translate a vote for an amendment that is against open data as something I’d rather not see. So… I did the math and swapped the colours in the rows of proposals against open, counted the number of pro-open votes per party and tweaked it a little: which parties are supporting my views?

adapted version of Open State EU vote overviewBy the way: campaigning organisation take note about this way to make the Parliamentary process more accessible:

peek-2017-01-19-14-39Source: Who votes for open data? – Open State Foundation


Authorea online editor with simpler article submission

Since my first adventures in providing an online authoring environment with peer review and discussion support (around 1997~2002), and some work with Aldo de Moor on conceptualising a process model, I’m interested in what others do.

Authorea ticks some boxes: clean interface, options for text markup (Markdown, HTML, Latex), and especially: borrowing from git and Github for version control and collaboration patterns, plus:

Authorea, the leading online editor for writing and publishing research documents, is integrating eLife into its submission system to give authors more options for direct submission to journals.

I’d be curious to see continuous integration or automated testing incorporated: does the article meet the requirements of the journal (number of words, format, metadata, references, …)? Articles as pull requests into a journal repository 🙂

Source: eLife and Authorea Partner to Simplify Submission For Authors | Authorea



Useful plugin to minimise effects of “link rot”.

Amber is an open source tool for websites to provide their visitors persistent routes to information. It automatically preserves a snapshot of every page linked to on a website, giving visitors a fallback option if links become inaccessible.

Maybe combine with the Internet Archive? Ping to make a snapshot and point there as (another) fallback option?

Unfortunately, I can’t install plugins on a standard site…

Source: AMBER